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Gratuity : Important Forms and Documentation

Gratuity : Important Forms and Documentation

Please find below a list of important forms which need to be maintained by the clients to be compliant with the provisions of Payment of Gratuity Act and Rules thereunder. 

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list.

However, as a part of procedural documents regarding grautity disbursement, you may maintain the following forms as and when the case for gratuity arises.  

Payment of Gratuity (Maharashtra) Rules, 1972
Form Rule WhenPurpose
Form F6(1)Within 30 Days of Completion of One YearNomination form(employee) for gratuity disbursement in case of death
Form I7(1)Within 30 days before or after superannuation/retirement/ resignationApplication for Gratuity by an Employee
Form L8(1)(i)Within 15 – 30  days of receipt of application in Form INotice for Payment of Gratuity by the Employer
Annexure to Form LNot PrescribedAlong with Form LFor detailed calculation of gratuity amount
Gratuity ReceiptNot PrescribedAlong with Form LAs proof of receipt of gratuity by an employee
Form URule 20Abstract of the Act – To be displayed on notice board of the company in English and Local Language (Marathi)
Please note that the copy of these forms are required to be submitted to the Office of Deputy Commissioner of Labour

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